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SoulBlazing NOW available!

Learn how to harness your Imposters, release negative self-talk and lead a more authentic and purposeful life.​


There are seven key Imposters that underscore nearly every aspect of human behavior.

In this groundbreaking book you’ll discover a framework for understanding these Imposters and how they impact your relationship to yourself, to others, and to the world at large.

SoulBlazing will help you:

  • Ignite meaningful change in your life
  • Understand and release false narratives and negative self-talk that hinder you
  • Transform your inner saboteurs into superpowers
  • Learn to respond rather than react to life
  • Cultivate a deeper, more life-affirming awareness of yourself and others

SoulBlazing goes right to the heart of the emotional obstacles that prevent you from fulfilling your purpose.

An indispensable guide for #MakingShiftHappen, it is both a road map for discovering your Authentic Self and a tool for transforming adversity into opportunity in all areas of life: relationships, work, and play.

The Imposter Syndrome effects many people, even highly successful people, Lisa does a brilliant job in breaking your Imposters down, and understanding where they came from. Which helps you soar in every aspect of your life.

Kimberly Meredith

Medical Intuitive Author, Awakening To The Fifth Dimension: Discovering the souls path to healing

Lisa Haisha is the #1 SoulBlazer in America – in fact, she’s the #1 SoulBlazer in the world. I can say that with authority because Lisa is the woman who invented SoulBlazing – a groundbreaking avenue to personal growth and leading a more purposeful life. Now, for the first time, these tools and insights are available in book form. If you’re on a self-improvement journey, you will absolutely want this invaluable guide.

Lee Aronsohn

Co-Creator, Two and a Half men and Executive Producer of Big Bang Theory

SoulBlazing is a powerful method for guiding you through your own emotional wilderness. Lisa’s principles are a master key to unlocking self-awareness and living your exciting true potential in life. An engaging, lively book filled with pure wisdom. I loved it!

Dr. Joe Vitale

Author, "Zero Limits" and "The Miracle"

I’ve known Lisa for a hundred years. Her stories and the way she connects with her readers on the stage is mesmerizing. She is a true story-teller and game changer. Her SoulBlazing model has helped many people, including me. I’m honored to know her and to share the stage with her.

Ben Vereen

Tony award-winning Broadway legend, actor, dancer, motivational speaker

I hope you will join me in reading Lisa’s new book. Lisa’s travels have put her in contact with suffis, shaman, and spiritual leaders uniquely qualifying her to help navigate life’s issues. She imparts her wisdom through her masterful story-telling skills and makes it highly relatable. There is no one who understands the soul’s journey like Lisa does and can explain things in a very concise understandable manner.

Larry Namer

Co-Creator, E! Entertainment Television and Movies